Best Type Of Exercise For Weight Loss

Best Type Of Exercise For Weight Loss

Keep track. Are you reaching your goals?

Make a list of physical activities that you like or you think you’d like to try out if there’s an opportunity. Ask your parent to help you find out where there are safe, supervised physical activity programs/classes for kids and/or families in your community. Schedule a time for you and your parent to call around, visit the facilities, and get information. Sign up for something that sounds good and go for it!

Do you have enough options for varied, enjoyable physical activity at school? Think about specific PE and after-school programs that could be added to your school programs. What would really be fun? Make a list. Talk to friends. Think about a responsible adult associated with your school who might advise you and your friends on how to get the ball rolling.

Is your neighborhood safe for walking and biking? If not, get your parents to join you to speak up at the town hall for change.

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Take an informal survey on what foods, including snacks and drinks, are available in your school. Check out the vending machines. Can you think of ways choices can be improved? Jot down your ideas. Begin to think about which friends, teachers, parents, and/or school administrators you might ask to join forces with you to help initiate positive changes.

Challenge yourself. Begin viewing ads more critically Try to figure out what is being marketed to you, how it’s being marketed, and why. Ask yourself: Do I really need this? Is this good for me?

For the next few days, write down each TV program you watch and how long you watch it. Also, log time spent at the computer or playing video games. Total it up at bedtime each night. Then take some time to sit down and review your notes. Figure out where you can make some cuts in screen time with your ultimate viewing goal being not more than two hours a day.

Reassure yourself. You can be healthy, strong, and prepared to meet life’s challenges.

Set goals. Make plans. Keep track of your progress.

You can do this.


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