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Most people have the habit of shallow breathing, using only the upper part of the lungs. Even when a so-called deep breath❠is attempted the lungs are only partially filled. Therefore, the primary objective of the Complete Breath, learned today, is to utilize the lungs in their entirety and extract the most life-force possible. Increased prana will improve the quality of your blood, complexion and general health. A secondary objective of the Complete Breath is to help make breathing slow and rhythmic whenever possible. The Yogi contends that people who are breathing in a rapid and erratic fashion develop nervous bodies and minds and shorten their lives. You will experience a very immediate, positive effect on your emotions and mind from Yogic breathing. When the breath is slow and rhythmic, anxieties and tensions lessen or dissolve completely and control of the mind for purposes of concentration is greatly increased. 4fhat is why we indicate frequent practice of the Complete Breath in this book and why we now advise you to take a few Complete Breaths whenever possible during the day. If you do not lift the shoulders you will not draw attention to yourself and consequently you can breathe fully and deeply anywhere and at anytime when you need to revitalize your body and clear your mind. Remember, life is in the breath.

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