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Best of yoga zone for When Kytaj, angry with a smith, sends him a disease, I promise to kill a red cow in his honor, to spread the blood over all the forge tools, and to burn the heart and liver to ashes in the chimney. If I should be affected by this disease, another shaman will sacrifice for me and propitiate the demon. I shall profess, honor, and bow to the daughter of the demon, Tamyk-Chotun the haughty one. She sends mankind mental diseases of various kinds. Those who have been affected by such disease I shall heal by sacrificing nine ermines, nine snow-weasels, nine fitchews, and nine pigeons I vow to catch them alive, to adorn them, and to release them entirely. I shall profess and bow to, I shall honor the shaman woman Tajaktach-Njacaj the feeble one with the reed, her husband AtyrChataj the eagle and his countless family and descendants, who send the people oppression of the chest. Those who have been affected by this disease I shall try to save by sacrificing a light-red cow with but one horn. Best of yoga zone photos, Best of yoga zone 2016.

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