Best Natural Body Exercises

Best Natural Body Exercises

Bronchi dilate to allow more air into lungs Perspiration increases, especially in armpits, groin, hands, and feet, to flush out waste and cool overheating system by evaporation. Liver releases sugar into bloodstream to provide energy for muscles and brain. Muscles of intestines stop contracting because digestion has halted. Bladder relaxes. Emptying of bladder contents releases excess weight, making it easier to flee

Blood vessels in skin and viscera contract; those in skeletal muscles dilate. This increases blood pressure and delivery of blood to where it is most needed.

Endorphins are released to block any distracting pain.

Hearing becomes more acute.

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Heart rate accelerates and strength of contraction increases to allow more blood flow where it is needed.

Digestion, an unnecessary activity during an emergency, halts.

Spleen releases more red blood cells to meet an increased demand for oxygen and to replace any blood lost from injuries.

Adrenal glands stimulate secretion of epinephrine, increasing blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate; also spur increase in amount of fat in blood. These changes provide an energy boost.

Pancreas decreases secretions because digestion has halted.

Fat is removed from storage and broken down to supply extra energy.

Voluntary (skeletal) muscles contract throughout the body, readying them for action.

With a car. Both reflexes and higher cognitive (thinking) areas in your brain quickly make the decision that you are facing a threat, and your body prepares to meet the danger. Chemical messages and actions of sympathetic nerves cause the release of key hormones, including cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones trigger the physiological changes shown in Figure 10.1, including these:

• Heart and respiration rates accelerate to speed oxygen through the body.

• Hearing and vision become more acute.

• The liver releases extra sugar into the bloodstream to boost energy.

• Perspiration increases to cool the skin.

• The brain releases endorphins chemicals that can inhibit or block sensations of pain in case you are injured.

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