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Best meditation positions on At this crucial moment, Arjuna turns to his charioteer Krsna and bids him to halt so that he might look upon his enemies. In the opposing ranks he sees various members of his family and the teachers and advisors of his youth, a sight that troubles him. In that moment, Arjuna, the great bowman, reputedly the son of Indra, god of war, is thrown into turmoil. Can the course of action upon which he is about to embark really be the right one? He turns to Krsna and expresses his doubts thus: we should not slay Dhrtarastra s men, our own kinsfolk. For how, having slain our kinsfolk, Could we be happy, Madhava? Even if they do not see, Because their intelligence is destroyed by greed, The sin caused by destruction of family, And the crime involved in injury to a friend, How should we not know enough To turn back from this wickedness, The sin caused by destruction of family Perceiving, O Janardana? Upon the destruction of the family, perish The immemorial holy laws of the family; When the laws have perished, the whole family Lawlessness overwhelms also. Because of the prevalence of lawlessness, Krsna, The women of the family are corrupted; When the women are corrupted, O Vrsni-clansman, Mixture of caste ensues. Mixture (of caste) leads to naught but hell For the destroyers of the family and for the family; For their ancestors fall (to hell), Because the rites of (giving) food and water are interrupted. Best meditation positions 2016.

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