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Best meditation position on Sankara s interpretation is, therefore, a distortion of their teaching rather than an elucidation of it.81 The problematic nature of Sankara s version of Vedanta theology is also apparent from the fact that many later Vedantins rejected it. Most prominent amongst these was Ramanuja (11th century). Ramanuja was a member of the Sri Vaisnava movement and a bhakta by nature. The Sri Vaisnavas were a South Indian sect that was founded in the tenth century by Nathamuni. Its theology was based on two primary sources: the Pancaratra Agamas and the hymns of the Alvars, both of which were on the fringes of brahmanical orthodoxy. The Pancaratras were denounced as heterodox in the Aditya, Agni, Brhan-naraddya, Kurma, Linga, Samba and Vayu Puranas, though defended in the Bhagavata, Garuda, Naraddya, Padma and Varaha Puranas. Best meditation position 2016.

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