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Best buy yoga 13 lenovo for The Shaman Shamans may be male or female, old or young, and benevolent or harmful. The key characteristic is that shamans control supernatural spirits and use that power to cure illnesses caused by these spirits as well as to influence or communicate with the spirits about other earthly concerns such as the weather. Shamans also must be brave, smart, creative, and willing to alter their behavior by honoring taboos required of their status. The Yakut distinguish between male oyun and female udahan shamans and white-creative Ajy ayuna and black-harmful Abasy oyuna shamans. The white shaman looks like other people and uses no special means to communicate with the creator spirit whom he asks to help in matters such as infertility. He is incapable of causing harm and of little use in curing illness caused by evil spirits. The black shaman more closely fits the image of the classic shaman he intervenes between spirits and humans to cure illness caused by spirits. Best buy yoga 13 lenovo photos, Best buy yoga 13 lenovo 2016.



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