Best Body Resistance Exercises

Best Body Resistance Exercises

Does the success of the new AIDS drugs mean that I don’t need to worry about HIV infection anymore?

A No. The new combination drug therapy has had dramatic effects for some people infected with HIV. In the United States, the number of HIV-infected people who progress to AIDS each year is declining, as is the death rate from AIDS. But the new drugs are expensive, can have serious side effects, and are not effective for everyone. Scientists do not yet know how long the drugs will keep HIV at bay, and no treatment has yet been shown to permanently eradicate HIV from the body. AIDS is still an incurable, fatal disease.

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So, hum.

It is a pretty remarkable thing to grow a human being. Even so, it doesn’t matter how many times someone declares that you are glowing. When you have a cocktail of new hormones and are gaining new chins with every week, you may find yourself looking at your pre-prenatal clothing in your closet thinking, “I will never be able to fit into that again.”

There is a great avocado meme that says underneath it, “You’re the good kind of fat.” But this is not ofen how pregnant women feel, even if their husbands are insisting that it is true. (And husbands who are not insisting watch your backs.)

It is time to embrace the belly.

Place your hands on your belly, which, depending on the stage of your pregnancy may be quite small or the most obvious thing about you. You are likely already embracing the growing life beneath; that part isn’t hard. But as you sit, try to breathe and sofen the belly as much as you can. Send love to your belly itself with the warmth of your hands and the attention of your breath. Embrace the body where it is right now, rather than waiting for it to bounce back to what it used to be.

Your changing shape is an expression of your expanding heart. Feel yourself filled to the brim with love, not only for the life inside you, but also for the amazingness that is you. Only allow yourself to stand up when you believe this (even just a little).

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