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Best at home yoga on Five states of consciousness are mentioned: wakefulness, dream, deep sleep, turdya (the fourth and the highest in the earlier Upanisads) and turlyatlta (beyond the fourth). Trisikhibrahmana This Upanisad presents Siva as the source of all. From Siva comes Brahman (characterized by maya and sat) followed by the unmanifest (avyakta) and the Samkhya tattvas. Divisions of 12 are prominent in the text; so there are 12 nadi, 12 elements and 12 presiding deities. A redefinition of astangayoga is offered based on the manipulation of vital energies. There are ten yamas and ten niyamas in this scheme, and sixteen postures (asana) are described: svastika, gomukha, vira, padma, baddhapadma, kukkuta, uttanakurmaka, dhanura, simharupaka, bhadra, mukta, mayura, matsya, siddha, pascimatana, sukha. In the navel region lies the kanda, which is the source of all the nadi. Best at home yoga 2016.

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