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Best at home yoga dvd on All the others adopt versions of the later 36-category scheme, which functions to transform the dualistic ontology of Samkhya into a monistic one by adding 11 additional categories to the 25 of Samkhya (see below). This is further testimony to the antiquity of the system. Virasaivas/Lingayats Virasaivas are sometimes referred to as Lingayats because they wear a small linga (phallic symbol of Siva) on their bodies. The reputed founder of the school is one Basava, who lived in the twelfth century ce. This is challenged by K.C. Pandey, who calls attention to the writings of Rajasekhara (10th century ce) where we are told that the yoga school is also known as Saiva, that its teachers carry staffs, have matted hair, cover their bodies with ashes, eat bulbs and fruits and wear a consecrated linga on their arms. Best at home yoga dvd 2016.

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