Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

Poor posture when sleeping, an inadequate desk chair or the way we walk can easily translate into back pain. If the problem has already appeared, it is important to calm it in the shortest possible time. In this sense, there are yoga postures to calm back pain that can help us.

Now, why yoga? Because it is a discipline that, through different postures, tones our muscles and gives elasticity to our tendons. That is to say, it constitutes a front against that rigidity that we can acquire, for example, when we spend several hours sitting in a chair, placing products in different shelves or standing in the reception of a hotel.

Yoga as a treatment

Yoga is a millenary technique that unites body and mind with a religious tinge, of faith, in its essence. However, for some years it has been used for the purpose of reaching a physical and mental balance, without another more transcendental pretension. We can alleviate or complement the intervention in the face of mental and physical problems through its different variants.

Although it is not a medical treatment and we should always consult a specialist first. Yoga is a good complement in many intervention plans, especially if it is to recover the functionality of an overloaded area. In this sense, it is important to choose the center where we will practice it and inform the instructor of our initial limitations.

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With the development and proliferation of information on the web, we have a multitude of online resources that, although free and very attractive, we should consider with suspicion. Although the person who addresses us is a professional, this practice prevents the professional himself from correcting us.

Considering this and as an initiation, there are some simple positions that can help us. These are some of them, and we will classify them according to the area where the pain occurs.

Strengthen the muscles of the back, elongate the muscles and mobilize the spine can be a good help in improving our back pain, and this is something that we can achieve through different Yoga postures. Today we present to you six different Yoga postures to improve the health of your back that you can do in your own home.

Yoga postures to soothe the high back pain

Pain in the upper back, or back pain, occurs in the angle of the scapula, the dorsal muscles… among other localized areas. It is usually caused by an incorrect posture of the head with respect to the spine, thus loading this area, in addition to the neck.

The people who work in offices or students who spend many hours on the desktop are facing this pain.

  1. The posture of the cat or the cow

Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

How is it performed? This yoga posture to soothe high back pain is designed to contract and stretch almost all of the back muscles, but it is especially beneficial for pain in the spine. It allows you to stretch muscles over which, generally, we apply a constant tension but without giving them travel. We use them to support the weight.

To execute it, we must place ourselves on all fours on fixed hands and knees. Once placed, we will move the trunk up, arching the back as much as possible (cat’s posture). Next, we will execute the opposite movement, arching the back down (posture of the cow). We can repeat the movements as many times as we want, always in a controlled manner.

  1. The child’s position

Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

This is one of the simplest postures in yoga. It allows to relax the body completely and to stretch the back in a controlled manner.

How is it done? Sitting on the calves, we stretch our arms and place them away from the body, forward. We press towards the ground in a firm but relaxed manner. If we want to stretch the intercostal muscles (between the ribs), we can pass one of the arms below the neck.

Yoga postures to soothe the low back pain

Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

Pain in the lower back or low back pain (lumbar pain), occurs in the lumbar muscles and is much more common than we think. Posture or discomfort in the sciatic nerve is some of its causes. Whether it is a lesser evil or an illness, these two positions can help us.

  1. Legs posture on the wall

Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

Although it seems too simple, this position has benefits on the circulation as well as on the musculature.

How is it done? We will lie on our back with our legs entirely supported on the wall, with a pillow or towel to help us maintain our posture if we consider it necessary. It is important that the legs stay as vertical as possible.

  1. The forward-tilted posture

Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

This yoga posture to calm back pain can be done standing or sitting and can help us gain flexibility. Keep in mind that we try to force or seek our limit, especially if our muscles are not hot.

How is it done? In either of the two initial positions, we should lean towards the feet to try to touch them, trying to stretch the lumbar muscles as much as possible. It is essential that we find the comfort in the posture to be able to maintain it in time: it is about stretching, not overloading. So we can support ourselves with our hands in the height we reach from the legs.

  1. The posture of the cobra

Best 6 Yoga Postures to Soothe Back Pain at Your Home

This position allows us to strengthen the lumbar muscles, in order to avoid being loaded in bad postures or sudden movements.

How is it done? Lying face down, we must lift our torso as much as we can, exerting strength with the lower back. We do not need to lift ourselves up to the maximum, only what our back allows us to do. Ideally, the position should be repeated frequently to strengthen the area.

  1. The dog’s posture up (for intermediate level)

This is the most complex of the postures and it is a variant of the posture of the cobra. We will need a more trained musculature to perform it correctly.

How is it done? From the posture of the Cobra, we will raise more the chest and then the hips. In this way, we will find our thighs slightly raised. It is important not to contract the shoulders in this position; these must be separated from the neck.

In the end, if we have a strong and strong back, it is likely that we will deal with the diseases in an optimal way. Sometimes it is necessary to remember that prevention helps us in many ailments and allows us to avoid future pain.


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