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For Sheldon (1954), we are all inevitably a mixture of Best 5 yoga asanas for weight loss these three types because we have all of these three kinds of tissues; but certain individuals more easily develop particular body types❠than others.

In the 1970s, in yoga poses London, David Boadella, Gerda Boyesen, and Malcolm Brown133 and then Jerome Liss used a model inspired by Sheldon’s work. They had the idea that each layer of tissues (endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm) has a particular connection to the psyche. They explored various methods based on the hypothesis that by massaging the skin, the muscles, or the organs, the therapist enters into contact with three distinct layers of the psyche. Yet they do not use the body types as a global description of a personality type. For that, they rather refer to the notion of character, such as it was developed by Lowen.

The idea that different Best 5 yoga asanas for weight loss tissues relate differently with the psyche can be useful as a teaching tool to sensitize a person in yoga poses training to the multiple connections that exist between the diverse organic mechanisms and the psyche. On the other hand, I do not know if this model is uniquely a useful metaphor or if it corresponds to existing psychophysiological mechanisms. This model became influential in yoga poses body psychotherapy in yoga poses the 1980s because it provided a formulation that was easily handled and tended to confirm the differentiation between hyper- and hypo-armored individuals, as in yoga poses the following examples.

1. When an individual does not express his emotions with his muscles, there is a deficit in yoga poses the explicit emotional expression he produces. The facial expressions, as described by Ekman, are not used; the external breathing does not support the expressive gestures.

2. Some individuals do not use their muscles to express themselves, but the quality of the skin and the gaze can be correlated to emotions and mood disorders. Becoming red-faced or pale is a well-known example. in yoga poses the case of depression, the skin and/or hair may become extremely and palpably dry or greasy. A dull or burning gaze, dead or alive, may also vary in yoga poses function of the affective life.

3. In the case of a schizophrenic patient described by Reich,134 the relationship between the muscles and the moods seem to be deactivated. The mesoderm moves the bones but does not participate in yoga poses the expression in yoga poses any other way; the blood does not irrigate the periphery of the organism when the sympathetic system is activated. The mesoderm and the ectoderm are only active in yoga poses the ocular region. The emotion is expressed mostly by the postures (curling up in yoga poses a ball in yoga poses a corner), the quality of the skin (a pale and colorless skin), the quality of the gaze, and so on. This is, at the same time, an example of a poorly armored individual and one who does not mobilize his mesoderm to construct a defense system

4. A complementary analysis associates fear and schizophrenia. We have seen, when speaking of Braatoy, that the muscular armor incorporates some residues from the startle reflex. Thus, with certain psychotic patients, seen from the neo-Reichian perspective, the startle reflex could have influenced the endo- and ectodermal layers of the organism, but not the mesodermal levels. Therefore, there may be huge fears that are difficult for the therapist to perceive. These can only be expressed by the armored parts of the body, like the eyes, because there is at least an affective mobilization of the muscles in yoga poses that region. Fear will then manifest itself in yoga poses the schizophrenic in yoga poses the form of a constriction❠of the organism, described in yoga poses the sections on the Reichian orgonomy. This constriction, which can lead to catatonic attacks, is mostly perceptible when it is related to a restrained respiration, even in yoga poses the case of physical exertion, and to a skin that is manifestly insufficiently irrigated.

In such cases, the general therapeutic recommendation is to allow a person without endodermic defenses to discover a way to use his musculature in yoga poses a differentiated manner while increasing his grounding. This necessarily implies that the person would become able to learn how to contain, and sometimes repress, his emotions by using his musculature.

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