Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy For Baby

Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy For Baby

Meditative Alignments The Master’s Heart

The “Master’s Heart” is a technical term, indicating the sources of life and many analogous interpretations. There is at this stage and after a certain major initiation, a direct line of energy or of life sensed, recognised, active and utilised between the conscious disciple and

1. The disciple’s heart centre.

2. The heart centre in the head.

3. The egoic lotus, which (until the fourth initiation)

is the heart centre of the monadic life.

4. The Master at the centre of His group.

5. The Christ, the heart centre of the Hierarchy.

6. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself felt at the third initiation.

7. The Lord of Life Himself, the heart centre of Shamballa.

The line of relationship then extends from these onward and outward, and upward (spherically considered) to the Life at the very centre of our Earth’s “alter ego,” the planet Venus, to Jupiter and thence to the solar Lord Himself and on to a point in the Sun, Sirius. You can see, therefore, how different this stage is from what might be imagined. It is one which marks a new departure or beginning and a great transition. It is a stage which one enters through the open door of Nirvana, the beginning of the Path of the Higher Evolution. It is a stage which marks a specific location (if such an inappropriate word can be used) of the disciple upon that upward Way which is revealed by the lighted Way; it is the attainment of the innermost point of realisation, called esoterically “within the heart.”

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