Benefits And Uses of Hazelnut Head Massage Oil

This oil is derived from hazelnuts, which grow on tall shrubs found in the wild throughout Europe. Hazelnuts are quite low in fat and contain useful levels of Vitamin E. The oil is more often used in food than skincare and makes a delicious addition to salad dressings.

Therapeutic use

Hazelnut oil is slightly astringent, making it useful for oily or combination skins. It has a short shelf-life and is best stored in the fridge. Avoid in cases of nut allergy.

Therapeutic use

Jojoba has been prized for centuries for skin and hair care and is now widely used commercially. It offers some protection from UV rays and features in many sunscreen products. It is light, highly penetrative and high in fatty acids and Vitamin E. Its waxy substance is chemically similar to sebum and it lubricates and softens the skin, acting as a medium for holding in moisture and regulating the flow of sebum. Its ability to normalise the production of sebum makes it suitable for all skin types and for softening and conditioning hair. It is useful for treating psoriasis and eczema, and for controlling dandruff. It is one of the more expensive oils and can be blended to enrich other, cheaper oils.

Hazelnut oil suits oily skin as it is slightly astringent

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