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Benefit of yoga on Brahman, according to Sankara, cannot change because it would, thereby, become other than itself. It would not be fully real. The real, in this way of thinking, cannot be subject to change; hence Sankara claimed that the world of change was illusory (maya). This kind of thinking makes the pursuit of happiness simple: disidentify with the impermanent and identify with the permanent. Traditional forms of yoga thus offer a one size fits all approach to happiness: only the attainment of moksa can bring happiness, and everyone who achieves it will be happy.17 By contrast, Grounded Yoga assumes the general accuracy of evolutionary biology as a basis for understanding our nature and locates the pursuit of happiness or flourishing within this frame, which is more complex, subtle, nuanced and impermanent than any traditional yoga framework. In its Grounded version, yoga makes a contribution to human flourishing but it is not the single, simple panacea that it is in traditional Indian yoga. Benefit of yoga 2016.

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