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Beginners yoga workout Pics on This would have caused the destruction not only of buildings and crops but also of the entire economic foundation of the civilization. In this scenario there was no civilization to invade; the cities had already been abandoned. There are, however, some indications that not all of the urban areas had been abandoned when the Aryans arrived. The Rgveda describes the god Indra as a sacker of fortresses (pura). Moreover, these fortresses are said to be occupied by dark-skinned, snub-nosed people called Dasa or Dasya (Das in modern Hindi), a word that later came to mean slave or servant. The Dasas are described as being phallus worshippers; they have the phallus for a god (sisna deva).27 The interesting thing about this material is that it has direct connections with what we know about the Indus civilization and the people who became the servant class (sudra). Beginners yoga workout Pics 2016.

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