Beginners Yoga Exercise – Tripod Headstand For Beginners YOGA EXERCISE

Hi I’m Sophie today we’re going to talk about tripod headstand one of my previous posts we did normal headstand where you take the hands on the back of the head you place the forearms down on the mat this one’s slightly different. Because we’re going to have the head down on the mat still we’re going to have the hands in a position like this. So that elbows are a 90 degree angle very similar to in crow pose so to start preparation for our tripod headstand we’re going to come down onto the mat. And you’re going to place your head down onto the mat. So that you get sort of middle of the head about here century on the mat from there you’re going to make sure that your hands are further off back. So that you can create this nice degree angle with the elbow here you don’t want to be for so far forward that our elbows are pointing back like this for so far back that you can’t really press down through the wrists the very important component of this pose is really pressing through the hands and obviously engaging your core as well you can can’t press enough you’re going to take too much weight into the head. And this can cause compression through the side of course we don’t want so coming down popping the head onto the mat walk your hands back until they are nice degree angle.

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And then you’re just going to maybe hang out here for a little bit and start to draw in through the belly engage through the core and press into your hands feel the shoulders engaged and try to take the weight out of your head you should feel light pressure on the head. But there should not be any pain and, if you do feel any pain on the top of the head or through your neck please come out straight away this as pose may not be suitable for you so from there we’re then going to come into a downward-facing dog so coming into your downward dog we’re going to again press into the hands engage to the core you’re just going to breathe here and have three to five breaths however long is comfortable and again that may be where you’re staying today this is opposed it takes a while to cultivate. And it also takes a while to get used to the positioning on the head and through the hands so do have a go a few times for this and then, if you feel like moving on to the next step you can take it from there. So the next step after this is to come into down dog. And then just start to tap one meter chest other knee. And then placing one knee up once your upper arm on the other knee bring the toes together to touch balancing here and kind of a head down crow pose again for three to five breaths. And then make your way back out. So, if you found that comfortable you then can start to move on to the next stage of the pose however this is much easier to balance in this pose than it is coming all the way up I don’t want anybody to kick up you want to use core strength to curl out a little ball to come all the way up. So you might want to practice just that for maybe a week or so. And when you feel confident then move on to the next obviously you would be practicing this always with a wall in front of you I’ve not got the rule here. But just imagine that my wall is here and, if I did fall forwards the rule would catch me and stop me from falling over it anyway.

But the next step I find it nice to actually roll over my mat a little bit just to give you off ahead a little bit of extra padding you’re going to take your hands down onto the mat again come up into that half crow pose. And then you’re going to start to draw the knees into the tummy. And come up into a little ball you’re going to work here. And just try and hold again for 3-5 breaths. And then making your way slowly back down so before even attempting to roll up into the full thing really want to feel confident in that position and to be confident that position you’re pressing firmly through your hands and really engaging through the belly finally, if you want to come all the way up we’ll do the exact same thing again coming into your tripod. And then draw the knees in and slowly pulling yourself up then coming out the same way curling yourself all the way back down when you’re up there at first you might just be coming up coming down straight away you might try and stay there for three to five breaths and hopefully eventually maybe 15 breaths thank you very much for trying tripod headstand with me today I hope that you found the instruction is clear and useful but, if you do have any questions please don’t hesitate after below, if you’d like to subscribe you can do so Bob thank you very much. And then mistake you.

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