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Beginner yoga workout Pics on It would not be surprising to find, given Diamond s comments, that spiritual teachings also underwent significant changes in response to the new kinds of problem. The emphasis on duhkhanta (the end of suffering) that is a prominent feature of most yoga systems would be just the kind of change that someone who had read Diamond s hypothesis would expect. The other general theory was put forward by Julian Jaynes in the 1970s. He argues that something significant happened to human consciousness in the period between the composition of the Iliad and the Odyssey in the West and the Vedas and Upanisads (which he takes as happening around the same time) in India. What we encounter in the Iliad and the Vedas, he suggests, are human be- ings who make decisions in a manner that is quite different from that adopted by modern people. Then, the stress of decision making prompted the right hemisphere of the brain to communicate an answer to the left by means of auditory hallucinations that were experienced as the voices of gods. Hence these texts are full of people who are the recipients of direct communications from deities. Beginner yoga workout Pics 2016.

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