Beginner yoga poses to master

Lower knees to floor and remain with head down

for additional count of 20 Raise head

Assume a cross-legged posture and relax Perform two Complete Breaths.

No further practice is required today


Tension❠is, for most people, quite a vague condition and there are almost as many feelings and descriptions regarding it as there are those who have experienced any type of discomfort or uneasiness. But let me offer the following definition which, if valid, can clarify the problem and provide a permanent solution: Tension is a tightness or a squeezing that occurs in the organism mentally, emotionally and physically. If you observe yourself carefully when you next experience a tense❠condition you will become aware that there is a tightness❠occurring at the point of discomfort. We squeeze❠ourselves mentally and induce a headache; when we get up tight❠emotionally we feel uneasy; we can contract❠ourselves physically and the result is a multitude of aches and pains. And indeed, it is exactly these things, in varying degrees, that are transpiring unconsciously within many people during a significant part of the day.

The procedure for “letting go❠is as follows: as you observe the tensed muscles it is necessary to issue a calm (not angry or stern) order to these muscles to relaxâ. You actually tell them to do so. By repeating this self-observation process frequently and issuing the relax❠order you will be able to change the pattern and habits of-the tensed muscles so that they decontract when not being used. This physical decontraction, which we emphasize with jpur Yoga exercises, not only frees a gfeat amount of tied up energy but leads to emotional and mental relaxation. Psychotherapists are becoming more and more aware of the profound influence that the body exerts on the mind and emotions and, in the years to come, we can Jook for them to utilize many of the techniques for physical decontraction Every one of the Yoga exercises will aid in this process.

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