Beginner Acro Yoga Straddle Bat and Cartwheels

Hi welcome to another post of acro yoga with super day today our pose is cartwheels car wheels are really fun to do. And it leads into stroud bot which is a foundational pose that leads to other transitions which is why it’s really important to learn for my flyer today I have Alice here you’ve seen her in my other posts I’m gonna have Alice demonstrate the pose for the flyer and that way you can get an idea of what it looks like so she’s gonna take more two stance okay.

And then this pose is called Halfmoon pose you can place your left hand to the ground. And then lift her right leg up so notice she’s stacking her hips she stacking his shoulders this is kind of the entry into our cartwheels as you’ll see a little bit later on okay Alice come up now from here lower down Alice will start to walk close to me in order to get the hand grip a great technique is to have Alice come over my head. And then we’ll grab our grip they shall walk over to my hips okay my piece fingers are wrapping around her forearms and she’s doing the same thing I placed the outer edge of my foot on her upper thigh I want to keep my ankle right above my hip a lot of my bases tend to have their foot out here the reason why we don’t have it out here is that when Alice loads our weight my leg is just going to drop down towards the ground okay. So I want to here I keep telling the Alice to move in we grab hands. And then she’ll take half moon pose you’ll take that leg up we’re going to do no momentum so she’s just leaning once I feel her weight then I’ll transfer my leg up. And now place my other foot onto her hip notice my toes are slightly turned in. So I create a shelf for her thighs to rest on likewise for Alice she’s pulling her legs down towards the ground so she’s supporting me in that shelf our hands are together and she keeps her elbows back to come back out I’m just going to do with control I’ll is going to land on the other side okay, if she’s going to land or right like that I want to be pushing into her left hand so she can push in the hand. And then lower the leg down okay I’ll push it to this head and I’ll bend my right knee.

Beginner Acro Yoga Straddle Bat and Cartwheels Photo Gallery

So that I could lower her foot to the ground and notice how she mad she landed with her inside foot first. And then her outside foot later okay. So once again we’ll demonstrate she lifts her leg she leans in I press with my leg. And then placed my foot coming back out I push in this hand this side I bend my knee and I try to land on her foot as close to my hip as possible. So that we can get ready for another cartwheel so give that a few tries going from side to side remember to practice both legs right side seems to be a little bit more comfortable for fliers and base and try the left side too. So you can get accustomed to that. So we’ll teach you some other variations a little bit more advanced variations into a star position okay she’ll just cartwheel halfway in. And then I’ll place my foot onto her shoulder now I wait for her to transfer her weight so her hips come over then I strain out this leg and place the other foot in to start she’ll bend her elbows to come down I’ll have her transfer weight into her left shoulder. And then she’ll lower a right hip down.

And then I bend my knees she lowers all the way to the ground okay. So once again she Carville’s halfway in place my foot on his shoulder and wait for her to transfer her weight strain on my leg place the foot to come down keep my foot close to her body place it on the head. And then she transfers out good. So that’s an advanced variation that you can practice on your own, if you feel uncomfortable you can use a spotter from behind okay the spotter would just kind of trace the hips the fire set from side to side this ends this post for AcroYoga super day tune in tomorrow for our next acro yoga pose.

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