Beginner Acro Yoga Star

Okay welcome to another post of acro yoga with super day today we’re going to practice star for my flyer we have Melanie in the background over there I’ll teach you how to mount in the star as well as using a spotter in start.

Because star is in inverted position to start off we’ll have to practice our tripod headstand we’ll go through different shapes for tripod. So I’ll have Melanie through tripod headstand and then, if you’ll show different positions for a tripod so now that I do face that way. So the key here is just to get the position of the head. And the hands her head. And head will create a triangle shape so three points of a triangle we’ll go over the different position position one will be Pike straddle. So this is the most stable position you can be in in terms of flying her hips are slightly over your shoulders her legs are pipe the wide and her legs are engaged okay then we come into straight variation where her legs go straight up this is a little bit more challenging.

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But, if you’re more seasoned with your versions then straight is fairly easy picked come back down she’ll lower legs all the way to the floor good I just want to show you one more thing before we jump into it so Melanie she’s going to jump into a tough position before she goes into her Pike straddle position this is coming to tripod headstand. And then from here she’s going to jump into a little bit of a tuck. And then she’ll shadow for the legs wide okay those are the steps you take while you jump into the start okay she’ll come back down. And then I’ll show you how to get into star from there just get in terms of hand position little grab with peace fingers hooked around the forearms likewise the plier does the same my arms are completely straight I extend my legs she’ll drop her shoulders into my feet okay the front of my feet are currently kind of in front of her shoulders. So that when she jumps up the top of her shoulders will end into the arch my feet her on will stay in just like in tripod headstand and I’ll bend the knees a lot here that way she doesn’t have to jump as high and giving resistance into her hand she starts the bed.

And then hops into a time. And then straddles are like what she finds the balance then I’ll straighten up my legs completely coming into my 90 degree position she can play that which you can play with variations here coming into straight okay coming back into a pipe. And then she’ll lower her feet to the ground I’ll just bend my knees keep my arm straight. And then she lowers completely down okay this might be challenging for some fliers to hop up so today we have a spotter in Cecelia she’s going to help us do some spotting this is a great way to mount the flier up without making it too challenging so Mellie drops her shoulders now she can lift her legs sillies going to place Melanie’s leg onto her shoulders Melody’s going to push into that leg lift the other leg up as soon as Mel against your hips over her shoulders Cecilia will start to walk around to provide some spot okay. So this is very light spotting most case bottom you’re not really touching the flier but, if the flyer needs then the spotter can use their hands to guide the hips right over the shoulders okay once again to come down I’ll bend my knees keep arms straight and lower all the way down okay. So that concludes our post of a curio goat super day check in tomorrow for our next AcroYoga post.

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