Beginner Acro Yoga Side Star

Welcome to today’s post of AcroYoga with Super Dave our pose for today is side star and for my flyer today I have Joanne over here she’s already in a pose that we have to understand in order to understand sides started this is called Half Moon pose in yoga I notice just the stacking of the hips. And the stacking of the shoulder. So you want your whole body into one plane that’s what you want to keep in mind while we do side star as well thanks Joanne.

Beginner Acro Yoga Side Star Photo Gallery

And then coming in to side star we’re going to start off in front plank okay so my feet are parallel in front plank I need to change them so for the base you’re turning your toes out. And then you’re walking them off to the side of our hip. So that she can roll from here she begins to roll you place your hands onto my thighs this is just to prevent the flier from falling forward. And then lifting the leg okay so notice you’re not going into arch my told will start to spin and she’s kind of riding the wave it’s almost like riding your bicycle. But you want to learn that sweet spot where you can find your balance. And then I’ll spin back in check out my hand we’re going to pivot on to the other side. So I turn my toes out I use my right foot to shift our hips over.

So I’m really helping her out here. And when she finds a balance to reach your hands up good. And then coming back into front play okay once you get used to that then doing without hands. So you don’t need any support of the basis hand the fire will just drop the arm she’ll roll her hip once again I use my left foot to help her hip stack and as she uses her hand there to give that additional rule of the hip when I begin to turn out my life good switching on to the other side. So I bend the knee a lot and I use my right foot the scooper hip start to strain on my leg. And then turn my toes so my toes are pointing forward is, if I’m holding someone in front pipe coming back in on to front plank and thank you okay. So this is going to be a frustrating move for those who are starting I know when I first started doing side star it was very aggravating and frustrating. But just like riding a bike once you start to learn the position of the hips once you start to find your balance on that particular posture then it gets a lot easier okay thank you for joining me today tune in tomorrow for our next acro yoga pose.

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