Beginner Acro Yoga Shoulderstand and Variations

Hi welcome to another post of acro yoga with super day today’s pose is shoulder stand I know we did shoulder stand yesterday. But today this is a variation where the Flyers are grabbing on to ankles mulch will show you scorpion as well as other variations for camel steak so for my flyer today I have Michelle okay just started coming to her for this one. So you want to come into front plank first Michelle up. And then from here I want my pliers to grab hold of my ankles. And then she begin to drop their shoulders into my hands once again just like the shoulder spend yesterday you want your thumb and index finger together. And the base of the head is on top of the shoulders the fingertips are on the upper back of the flier okay then I start to bend my elbows a little bit.

Beginner Acro Yoga Shoulderstand and Variations Photo Gallery

So that Michelle could get a little start with getting her hips on my shoulders. And then she’ll work the legs to straight where her arms are straight as well and, if I like it can point my toes and kind of give her some traction in the arms by driving my legs away from my head so she’s fairly straight here we’re gonna do a variation where she drops her right knee into my foot. So the knee pulls right in the arch of the foot and then, if she finds out she can take our harness to the sides of her body without grabbing my ankle she will drop the underneath. And then lift the leg up okay now we’re coming back to camo sexual. So you grab my ankles lift their legs all the way up.

And then it’ll take scorpion from here so for squirtman she’ll start to lift her head. So I can slide my hands walk to the front of her shoulders then she’ll bend her knees then take their feet towards her head she can take her toes together she’s grabbing on to my legs. Because she continues to lift her head so she can balance out the legs and she lifts her leg back up. And then gradually as she lowers actually gonna bend her elbows and lower my feet right into the spot for friebert. And then after all the way back up. And then we lower all the way to the ground that concludes this post of a prio go to super day tune in tomorrow for our next a curry of a pose.

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