Beginner Acro Yoga Reverse Thigh Stand

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super day today our pose will be reverse size 10 and as my partner today we have Christy here ok we’re starting off with a progression of a counterbalance that will aid you in doing reverse thigh stand okay that’s a similar process for our reverse thigh stand.

So It’s important for the flyer to focus not on counterbalancing immediately. But rather to step up find stability. And then find the counterbalance I’m going to show you that again a little closer up. So you can see the foot placement. So the placement.

Beginner Acro Yoga Reverse Thigh Stand Photo Gallery

But it’s just above the knee for the purpose of our transition today and something done to the top. And then slowly part of that we spider notice your legs all by the other now I’m going to show you a transition from foot to knee into the I stand Thanks so placing it for Christie’s parts of the her feet will be on my knickknacks we come into her corner so a few of these practices first. So that you can get the motion of left behind once you’re comfortable with that then see, if you can that’s awesome so an important cue for the base to use there is, if they don’t feel enough pull from the flier they’ll just tell the flier to shift their bum back. But also keeping the arms straight so they can find that counterbalance okay this concludes this post of a curio goes with Super Dave stay tuned next time for our next post.

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