Beginner Acro Yoga Reverse Star

Welcome to another post of a curio go super day today’s pose is reversed star for my flyer I have Ashley over here. So we’re going to start off with a calibration technique. So you can get a sense of how to jump into reverse start I’m going to start off with star so actually even come over this way place my feet over here Ashley’s going to start off by jumping into a tuck position not necessarily needs the chest. But more of us sitting squat okay. So I’ll cut off one two and three okay. And then from here she straddles her legs wide.

Beginner Acro Yoga Reverse Star Photo Gallery

And then I begin to strain on my legs that flex my feet at the end okay coming down she comes back to her time and all the way back to the crown okay let’s try reverse star same technique apply one breathing technique you can use is that you’re going to inhale to start out as a flier. And then you hold your breath. So you find your balance and that applies the same with the base as well okay. So we’re gonna start off with reversed upper well here I have a spotter so Darius is going to help us out with spotting today he’ll be in a warrior one stance and behind Ashley. So we’re going to start with just a clean go off in here yep okay. So we place feet on shoulders. So I want to line my shins with her spine we’ll do a couple of pumps just to calibrate. So I’ll go inhale in. And the next hope she comes back up and he’ll in exhale out okay. So we’re going to go for three pumps on the third pump she jumps in I’ll scoop my feet up to a point where they’re flat. And then when she finds her balance I’ll strain on my legs completely and Daris is going to make sure that she doesn’t go too far for okay one two and three yeah so notice Ashley went through a tuck. And then straddle her legs I keep my feet flexed.

And then my legs are 90 degrees come back down I said to bend my knees. And then I actually lowers our feet to the ground yeah. So, if you’re not comfortable with jumping into the poles or you have difficulty jumping in then we can use Darius as spotter to give her a little lift into the pose so Ashley will offer one leg there is to place that foot on to his shoulders. And then actually push off that leg lift the other leg up Darius guides Ashley’s hip right over those shoulders. And then he’ll walk around into his spotting position okay. And then coming down let my need and lower back that thank you guys okay that ends our post for today tune in for tomorrow for our next acro yoga pose.

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