Beginner Acro Yoga Plank on Plank

Welcome to hacker yoga with Super Dave today our pose is plank on plank. And we might stack it even higher okay. So we have Darius over here he’s demonstrating plank pose for us so notice the shoulders are over his wrists this core is engaged upper back is rounded. And then his fingertips are pressing into the floor okay. And then just for the purpose of stacking the planks this P will be hip distance apart that way when the flier grabs on to ankles they’ll be shoulder width apart okay so flyers you can start off with hand on the ankles okay the magic word is down. So, if there’s this feeling too much attention as ankles or his wrists he’ll just stay down then I’ll come down the safe manner fix the top of my foot not Siderius shoulders some of you guys may be able to hook the foot, if you’re a little taller then you’re just gonna have to settle for a chins on top of the shoulders.

Beginner Acro Yoga Plank on Plank Photo Gallery

So I place it to the foot take the other foot up. And then I find my bone stacking my shoulders over the wrists some variations you can take let’s start off with a push-up we can synchronize the push-ups together so bend the elbows at the same time we live okay so today we’re gonna get a little adventurous and try stacking triple planks we’re gonna find someone in this room to help us she looks like she’s a capable Janel what’s that planks today yeah okay so Darius start off with like one variation that you can take just instead of wrist, if you have any wrist issues you can come on to forms okay just like that. But various is good today. So you’re going to plank will have Ashley come on top okay we’re gonna do something super advanced today we’ll see, if we can do push-ups with three people stacking we’re gonna try that one more time Paris is getting into Zen state all right we got the tuning next time for our next acura give opposed see you later.

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