Beginner Acro Yoga How to Base and Fly Front Plank and Bird

Check out my view welcome to AcroYoga with super day today we’ll be covering front plank and bird starting off with I’m gonna just my camera here starting off with pliers position fire will come into Shaolin Bosna or what’s called locust pose chest is lifted feet are lifted arms and legs are engaged. And the gaze is for for the base coming in to dead bug pose okay so here I have bone stacking my wrists are on my shoulders my ankles are over my hips and my legs are perpendicular to the ground or ninety degrees relative to the ground for those with tight hamstrings just a little tip you can place a cushion or a mat under your bottom then that will relieve some of the tension in the legs. And the lower back you’re going to start off with a few preparation Alexa sizes before we take flight and for that I’ll be needing my partner Amanda who’s in the background they’re rolling in okay. So I let her down by what’s called a Duke grip. And it’s the Flyers responsibility to place the basis feet onto their hips and that’s where we want them showing the arches of the feet are on the hip bone the outer edges of the feet are parallel to one another okay for the ski presses the Flyers walk closer though. So that the bases can touch their toes can’t fly or stay in a straight position on the inhale bases will bend their knees closer to the chest. And then on the excel set the spinning of the leg.

Beginner Acro Yoga How to Base and Fly Front Plank and Bird Photo Gallery

So that the flyer comes back into position then why these are called ski presses is. Because the flyer resembles a skier airborne on a job like this okay next we’re going into mouths when we mount into a park like flies we play speed runs a hips I extend my arms I aren’t astrayed through the entire time on that inhale I bend my knees we come through what’s called reverse hand to hand grip my fliers fingertips are and my fingertips are out okay and use a scoop mount I scoop my heels up straight all my arms and legs then I’ll just adjust my legs. So that my legs come into a 90 degree position okay we are both stacking for example her shoulders are over her wrists her wrists are over my shoulders staying with her hips are over my ankles and my hips and that’s the optimal position for flight notice for my flyer so chest is lifted arm just straight and legs are engaged okay to dismount I bent my knees I keep my arm straight and I lower my flier safely. So I want you to go about trying about five of these mounts or when you get comfortable. And then over time with practice you automatically come into that optimal position for the legs which is perpendicular to the ground another tip is for those who are basing taller fliers the taller fliers start up with wider and legs. So that they can lower their hips right onto the bases feet okay that’s scooped up a calibration exercise to strengthen the base awareness there our position is to do front plank presses so on the inhale I’ll bend my elbows and knees and on the exhale straighten out my arms and leg notice how Amanda stays very true to her shape which is the locust pose that we discussed earlier. And I’m moving with my breath once you’re comfortable with leg presses then it’s time to go into our free bird okay it’s important that she maintains her locust position.

And then takes her arms off to the side and she’s comfortable to support the shape I used my toes. So I pressed up with the front of my feet. So that they’re above the heels in that were yoga the communication for this particular adjustment is called mortos so she’ll say more toes when she feels like she’s falling forward and she needs that additional support to come down when we come through the front plank I keep my arms straight then I bend my knees to lower my flier to the ground okay did she pop me up and there you have it that is front plank some exercises for front plank and Freebird join me next time for our next acro yoga pose I’ll see you soon.

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