Beginner Acro Yoga High Flying Whale

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super day today I’m gonna cover a therapeutic pose called high flying whale for my flyer I have Annie tell over here there you go so starting off she is at the base of my head I grab up to her ankles. So I have a firm possession of her feet then extend my legs and tickle the back of her lower back so she can feel me and I walk my foot towards your shoulder blades okay to lift up I push my feet back. And then expense then my arms for solace my legs in my arms they’re not in the typical 90 degree position my wrists are just above my shoulders my ankles are just below my hips so for any how’s she taking arms overhead that feels too much you can take her arms off to the side. So I’ll give you a less of a backbend. But since she’s can handle this she’s gonna send her arms forward good in order to come into a variation we can take a legs together she pushes down in one leg. And then Stags the other.

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And we’ll switch it to the other side. And then to come down I bend my knees she bends her knees she lowers her feet. And then I use my feet together all the way back up now we’re gonna try a fancy mount in. So this is for people who are comfortable with their handstands we’re gonna hence then walk over into high fly whale. And then hence then walk over back okay to start she do it place your hands to the ground I’ll place my feet on her shoulders. But I’m not going to give her any resistance okay they’re nice and light I’m gonna wait for her legs to tip over her hips before I put some pressure and she didn’t lower one leg down at the time. So It’s a control movement in she kicks up control movin in good see how she’s dying I think that’s gonna help you in terms of stability getting into the post now from here I’m gonna pull my arms forward and string up my legs she comes straight up to come down same way I place her hands close to my thumb.

And then she’ll take one leg back at a time they use my foot position it right on her tail bone. And then slowly gather right back over good thank you and that concludes our post of high-flying well tune in tomorrow for the next acro yoga posts.

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