Beginner Acro Yoga Hand Bird Tutorial

Welcome to another post of a curio go Super Dave today we’re practicing hen bird also teach you different ways to mountain two-hand bird as well as a transition from high bird to han bird.

And then back to high bird for my flyer today I have Tina over here we’re going to start off with an easier mount so Tina’s gonna come across she’s coming into a downward dog position her hands are going to go to the floor and she’s walking forward enough. So that my hands can come onto her hips I don’t want my fingertips to face facing out you got to think about this as bird on feet right. So the fingertips are in just like the total would be. And then from here she’ll use her legs she’ll clamp on to my legs so she’ll clamp her legs up to my legs like that and I should lift your chest off the ground lift her arms as well she keeps lifting the chest. And then lift her legs off my legs. And then coming back down okay another method she’ll lift her chest first once she gets her chest and hands lifted they should try to lift the legs and she won’t be using my legs as support so she comes into downward up facing dog okay form here she lifts her chest and hands off the ground. And then she lifts her legs off the ground yeah and coming back down. And then finally we’ll use the support of the legs so she’ll come across I’ll take my legs on wide.

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And then she’ll take our hands to the outside edge of my feet okay she’ll lean in keeping our arms straight I catch our hips. And then she’ll lift their legs off the ground once you feel like she’s stable down she’ll release my feet. And then coming back down. And then finally let’s transition from bird on to hand bird. So we start off in bird first point of contact onto our body I want to place my fingertips first there. So I’ll bend my knees I just want to be careful that our chest is still lifted. And then press my fingertips where my toes are I turn my toes out to the side my heels are still on.

And then I release my feet okay to go back up it’s the opposite way I want to contact the heels first I lift the heel my hands off I place like feet. And then a left ER all the way back up. And then we come down okay thank you. So that’s a little tricky with the transition just make sure when you’re transitioning down from bird into hand bird you’re placing finger tips first keeping the heels of the feet on. And then you’re placing the heel of your hand. And then removing the heel of your feet and opposite weight when you’re going up you place your heel down first you lift the heel of your hands. And then you place the toes of the feet on.

And then you turn your fingertips out okay so tune the next time for our next sakharova pose.

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