Beginner Acro Yoga Foot to Hand Tutorial

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga it’s super day as you can see we’re outside today and our pose will be reverse foot to hand no it’s gonna be foot to head and for my flyer I have Michelle over here. And the reason why we call it foot to Hannah is. Because the Flyers bright leg will be on my right hand okay.

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So, if it was the opposite then it would be reversed foot ten. So, if her left foot was on my right hand they’ll be reversed with the head okay start off to my back Michelle will walk across this way. And then just as support I use my feet so she’s gonna grab onto my feet I’ll keep my elbows down my wrists were over my elbows okay try not to catch from here wrist over elbows I wait for her to step on one foot now for this foot I want my piece fingers wrapping around our heel. And then I have my other fingers wrapping on the outside. And then the inside of the leg okay she steps onto this foot. And then we find balance here okay. So we’re gonna start off with low foot-to-head the Michelle finds balance she’s thinking about shifting the weight forward into her toes as, if she’s wearing high heels. And I’m squeezing her heels from here she places her hands back onto my foot.

And then we do a box press so she’s gonna Pike she’s gonna push it to my feet to make it a little easier and lift her hips up her arms are straight we hold here now, if you want to come too high foot to hand she’ll start to stand up from here. So you use my feet as balance so then she comes into a straight position then I’ll have our put our hands back onto my feet we lower back down. So, if you can’t do 10 quite yet just practice on box presses. So you can develop that strength okay coming back down she’ll release one foot at a time perfect thank you so give that a try and tune in next time for our next acro yoga pose.

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