Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 4 Tutorial

Welcome to another post of a prio go Super Dave today we have a beginner aqua yoga sequence for you it’s a bird to side start to high-flying whale.

And then we walk up the straddle throne. And then pop back to bird ok the transition between side start to high flying whale is a very tricky one. Because you know you’re using one foot to balance a flyer. So we’re going to go over that process a little bit more in detail when we get to that point okay for my flyer today I have Alice okay. So we start off with in front plank from front plank coming into side start I trim my foot up she rolls the hip she places my her hands onto my knees then I begin to churner. So, if my head is pointing to 12 o’clock then her head is pointing to 3 o’clock so at this point it’s hard for me to grab her foot. Because her head is still at 3 o’clock. So I’m going to use my left foot and I place my left foot to the back of her shoulder.

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And then turn her head to 4 o’clock that way her leg is closer to my head so she begins to pull her leg a little closer down towards the ground. And then I grab ahold of her ankle ok. So once I have her foot now I’m going to place my left foot across her back. So I create a better more stable platform. And then she’s going to release her hand as soon as she releases her head I turned my foot so our head points towards 6 o’clock. And then I walk my foot back on to her shoulders ok to get to straddle from she’s going to bend her knees and I walk my right foot up first. So I’m going to pivot my left foot. So It creates a bigger platform that I might walk my right foot up she begins to sit up coming into the straddle from a position I place my foot.

And then she wraps her leg she shifts the weight into my foot. And then she wraps the other leg ok from here we’re going to pop two front plain. So I grab ahold of her hands she unhooks the feet so for for the popping bag Flyers keep your knees slightly bent. So that there’s more contact between the thighs. And the foot. So I’m going to count off one two and three I bend my knees I pop I come on to our hips Flyers is important to get your legs straight together. And then find that straight line, if you folded then the landing could be pretty rough okay opposite side I’m fit with my left foot up she comes into side star so relative to me her head is now at nine o’clock I want to use my right foot to put it on a shoulder. And then turn her to eight o clock okay from here I grab ahold of her foot.

And then I realized my back foot my right foot across her shoulder blades from here she releases her hand I used my feet to spin her head towards six o’clock and I placed my left foot and readjust my right foot so now they’re pointing the same direction okay coming up she bends her knees I pitted my right foot. So I can cover her upper back. And then I’ll place my left foot onto her bum she starts to lift up place my right foot so she comes in straddle she shifts her wing over. And then wraps the other leg okay popping back we grabbed ahold of hands she unlocks the feet when you’re popping back just be very conscientious of pressing up through the toe mounds. So you’re going to pop with the whole foot. And then the last bit you want to kind of like doing a tippy toe you flick her back okay one two and three do a little flick and capture I bend my knees to cushion the fall. And then strain out my legs again okay. So that transition between sides starts a high-flying wheel will be a very challenging one to topple at first might take you a few rounds I highly recommend you have a spotter that incident before where that transition can lead to a very very hard fall so make sure you have a spotter, if you can get a spotter how that’s water off to the side well that transitioning is happening okay.

So that ends this post of a curio goes Super Dave tune in next time for our next pose.

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