Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 3 Tutorial

Welcome to another post of a curio go it’s super day today we have a beginner sequence that consists of six postures will first demonstrated posture by posture. And then we’ll break it down afterwards okay we have Alice over here as my flyer okay there you have it okay so starting off with shoulders stand on hands Alice will take her feet out wide. And then she’ll place your hands onto my hands my hands our goals on to our shoulder okay so step up. And then here I can lift my feet a little. So that she can get our hips over her shoulders once she finds balance then I’ll start to spinner in one direction I bypassed the elbow it place my left foot down first. And then over with the right foot okay we grab a hold of hands she’ll tuck our chin and use a lot of her legs to pull her legs down I push up with my toes.

Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 3 Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then scoop my heels under in this case my heels are higher than my toes hate to sit back into straddle back or straddle thrown on hands she bends her knees. And then she leans back I use my toes to guide her into position then I’ll do the spin place my foot onto her armpit. And then the other foot coming in to couch I place one hand so my left hand comes on to her hip she crosses her ankle. And then I’ll press her up she’s leaving a lot of the weight onto her left armpit I slide my foot under. And then we come into position time isn’t there oh right arm. So It’s the right armpit than the left armpit okay that ends our post of a career with super Dave tune in next time for our next actor of oppose Dan.

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