Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 2 Tutorial

Welcome to another post of a pareo go with Super Dave today I will be teaching you washing machine not sure what the washing machine name is. But we have back plank to straddle back to reverse bird to low foot to hand. And then we repeat and rinse again okay for my flyer I have Alice over here okay starting off in back plank. So I want my toe mounds onto my fliers lower back. And the rest of my foot about three or three quarters of the foot is on the bum of the flier my flier has her hands wrapped around my ankles okay she leans back I bend my knees and I scoop up with my heels so starting back plank now translation is stratified it’s important for the Flum base to initially turn the toes out.

But then to trace closely to the Flyers hip. And then turn the toes back in. So you have a nice snug straddle back. So I drop my toes out. And then I turn the toes back in. And then my flier did a really good job here Pike straddle legs down okay going into the next pose reversed when we grab a hold of hands my fliers will tuck her chin in. And then I find my knees and I guide my fliers through my legs first then my fliers will press into the hands so notice I have my toes on first. And then I place my heels down.

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And then it’s more of a flex with the feet for basis that way I can keep my Flyers chest up hey transitioning to low foot to head fliers you lower the feet I use my peace fingers and I hook it around the heels okay peace fingers around the heels the rest of the fingers on the sides of the body I draw her up I drop my elbows down keeping my wrists over my elbows okay so for the flier to lower down she’ll have to bend her knees that way I can catch her on the bum. And then place my foot back in to back. And then she’ll grab ahold of my ankles again. And then we could continue that cycle I trip my toes how I traced closely to the hips I push her through place my feels close in I grab a hold of her feet she stands up once again she bends her knees so she can sit down grabs a hold of my ankle we continue that cycle push her through draw the heels in. And then I’ll lower her down from here okay. So just some key transitional elements like I mentioned from back plank in the straddle back basis your feet will start parallel you turn toes out. But then you’ll trace it back in. So you can keep the feet snug to the hips. And then going into reverse bird I’m pushing her through and once she’s through my legs she starts to push in my hands.

And I’m pressing up with my toe mounds and I want to trim my heels inwards right to support my flier and reverse bird hope you enjoyed that post or this post of a curio goes super day tune in next time for our next a curio of a pose.

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