Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 1 Tutorial

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super Dave today we’ll show you a sequence from reverse straddle thrown drop back into backward. And then we’ll take it into reverse shoulder stand or reverse candlestick okay from my flyer today I have Alice over here okay so coming into rush straddle throne the place where I put right into the back of your thighs just above the knees she reaches back we grab one two hands. And then from here we’re going to mount up. So just count off two one two and three two does it allow for me she’ll hook your legs inside I keep my knees bent so she can sit.

Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 1 Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then I’ll straighten out my legs okay for the drawbacks it’s very important to have your legs not ninety degrees. But a little bit more forward. So you can counter them the weight as she goes as their fire goes down right. So I’ll push forward she starts to lean back nice and slow I press it to my toes so she has more support coming down then I placed my head’s on to her shoulders okay so unhook her legs. And then from here we’re just going to do a little hop forward on to the bomb okay so by my knees aha. And then she’ll reach your hands behind and grab on to my wrist so notice her hands her hands are on to the outside of my wrist and her thumb is wrapping around my forearms okay my toes are pointed out at this point she’s going to Pike straddle her legs forward. And then I use my feet to guide her to a point where her hips are stacked over my shoulders. And then we hold here for a few breaths okay from here we’re coming in to straddle back so she keeps her legs wide I lower my feet.

And then we grab a hold of hands and we’re going to cartwheel loan. So I’ll press into this hand bend my knees. And then she cartwheels up okay thank you else that concludes this post of acro yoga with Super Dave the next time for our next acro yoga pose.

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