Beginner Acro Yoga Floating Paschi

Welcome to another post of a curio go super day so last post I taught you how to cartwheel into straddle bat today I’ll teach you floating Posse which requires you to be in straddle bat for my flyer I have Melanie today sokar willing it to straddle bat. And then from here Melanie’s going to better knees take the soldier feet together just like butterfly pose in yoga.

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And then she’ll wrap your hands around our ankles you’ll have the thumb hook be higher angle then I’ll place my head. So I can bend my knees first let’s create a shell for her then I’ll place my palm on to the ball over shoulders. And then my piece fingers are on the top of our arm she’ll begin to strain on her legs I shift her over. So that our hips are stacked over her shoulders stacked over my shoulders. And then one foot at a time I walk back and see we can balance I can release one leg once I feel stable I’ll release the other leg then Melanie’s just things strong through the core here and our arms are straight locked out okay to come up I’ll just get a lower Melanie right over top. So I’ll teach you another mounts or our dismount out of that pose and that were required to rock up with each other cartwheeling in once again she bends her knees soles of feet together I grab on to her shoulders with my palm fingertips aren’t in the front. So I can balance her then I’ll shift our hips over the shoulders take one foot back at a time hold here, if you want to do a variation maybe you do a press.

And then to dismount help. And the capture first she comes into a tuck. So we stay in the tuck position my hands are around her arms. And then I can give a little rock back Rock forward. And then we both stand up okay the key to this one is your hands around the shoulders of the Flyers. And you’re lifting them up okay that ends today’s post with a career with Super Dave tune in next time for our next pose.

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