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Welcome to another post of a curio goes Super Dave today our pose is fly and I have Christie back there to help me out she also did my thigh stand reverse slice and post. So I’ll also teach a transition from reverse slice then into fight. So let’s just start off progression I’ll come onto my shins, if you have tight ankles or tight knees. And it’s probably good idea to maybe sit on the block.

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But really we’re just kidding the foot position for through this progression chris is going to start off with one foot in front of my knees and that’s inside of the foot will be facing my body we got a little issue with one leg still place for really onto my shoulder first just like that. And then here we took the counterbalance a little slider hands onto the wrist. And then she’ll hook her foot around my neck so she’s going to flex your right foot and that way I have platform to leave my head back start to these hands you place the left arm on to the leg maybe in both our plots of the way the first you can take a variation, if you come into a background especially with the background then make sure you’re leaving far enough factor with her your fire resistance.

So then from here we go to ten. And then Kristi lower down so now that we’ve got the foot position we’ll do the standing flight there’s two steps just like bystander precise then step one is into your partner to stay close. And then step two is to find the counterbalance grab opposite elbows that we already are with him close business with fire fire she’s going to place her foot I like how my knees together eyes together create an even cloud. And then from here she’s going to step up when she finds her balance and place her foot. And then we’ll slowly count around selfish my hands are a foot she began singing back we just say breakthrough a chance a connected or who feel balanced slowly let go place your left arm maybe right hand another variation where my arms.

And then Christie wants you can take a back bend grab her hands. And then she just fell step okay another fancy mount into flag is running into flag okay. So this is a more of events variation I get my riding position Percy’s how to find sugar and a little rhyme start I’ll get my arms close she went in she jumps she places her leg focus the foot. And then you cover me now and finally I’m going to reverse by Skype into flight. So the truth part here is transitioning this week with a little real estate you have to work with cook. And then find balance thank you and that ends our post today the next time for our next acro yoga pose.

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