Beginner Acro Yoga Double Straddle Throne Tutorial

Welcome to another post of a curio go Super Dave today we’re gonna do a nice fun pose called double straddle throne so who does straddle toll on our feet before I’m going to introduce straddle throne on hands. And then we’re gonna double it up with two Flyers okay so for my flyers today I have Sam over here. And then Kayla over here they just started AcroYoga a couple of weeks ago right so they’re just gonna demo a long shadow going on and Joe is gonna walk over my belly and she’s gonna lift one leg up Chris I’ll place my hand underneath. And then she’ll wrap the leg to the outside good these are waiting to my hand that’s what we tried let’s try that again okay that’s why we have spotters as long okay lift this leg up first okay.

Beginner Acro Yoga Double Straddle Throne Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then you’re at the leg good to come up we’re gonna release one leg okay so let’s, if you miss out on my straddle crown tutorial check that out first get some tips sad new covers. So you need to double Charlotte oh we have the flier come out to the feet curse okay.

And then she comes in to go see the position perfect Kayla’s gonna come over here now and reduce hands just gonna lift one leg up she wraps the leg good. And then the perfect holding here for a few breaths. And then to come down one leg at a time she’s gonna Kayla’s gonna unhook one of her legs two minutes down. And then comes down thank you good job guys alright and today’s post of a Korea vote super day tune in tomorrow for our next acro yoga pose.

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