Beginner Acro Yoga Couch Tutorial

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super Dave today our pose is couch. And we did strata couch a couple of days ago today we’ll do couch we’ll enter it different ways through cartwheels right into couch. And we’ll have different leg variations with it as well okay for my flyer I have Kristi over here yeah okay we’re gonna start off with a mount rating to the pose my outer edge of my foot is upper thigh just below the hip bone.

Beginner Acro Yoga Couch Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then I’ll catch her armpit with my right foot once she’s balanced I’ll place her hands onto my thigh. And then she can take her leg variations variation one she’ll do the big toe grab where she bends her knees grab onto her big toe with her peace fingers mister in our leg variation two dancers pose she grabs on to the outside edge of her foot variation three should come into tree pose put to the inner thigh arm up.

And then coming back down we’ll grab hand as she lowers down good so another way to get into couch is through cartwheels chrissteele car will in. And then just like our tik toks for our ninja star washing machine I press up and I’ll place my foot onto our armpit okay come back down she’s coming to straddle that will go on the other side she lifts up I place my foot and they’re coming back down Michigan cartwheel thank you perfect so have fun with those variations in couch and to the next time for our next acro yoga pose.

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