Beginner Acro Yoga Camel Tutorial

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga with super Dave today our pose is camel pose for my flyer I have Shamim over here and Kent will be doing the spotting. Because this one requires smaller especially when you’re going back okay so she needs him come across it makes my big toe second toe around her shin bone just below her kneecap okay we have hand grip here count of three we’re gonna hop up one two and three. So I keep my knees slightly bent for now psycho Nick’s got it into a straight position. And then from here I’ll start to strain on my legs. And then Shamim will start to walk your hands back notice our hips are going forward as she touches our heels and Kent just has Kate spotting here just to make sure she doesn’t fall back okay, if you can’t do the full variation you can just do the one hand variation where one arm is off to the side. And the other hand is on the heel okay. So we’re coming back up.

Beginner Acro Yoga Camel Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then from here like send my arms I bend my knees keep my arms straight at the longer feet all the way down to the ground okay I’m just going to show you one other mount into the pose now this is without cash into the place where hands up to my knees one two and three is scoop under. And then she lifts all all the way up. And then she can come into her chemicals from there okay coming down I’m gonna try with both hands so she’s gonna just gaze forward slowly lower her down okay thank you guys all right that ends today’s post of acro yoga with super Dave tune in next time for our next AcroYoga pose.

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