Beginner Acro Yoga Bow and Front Plank Variations

Welcome to AcroYoga with super day today we will practice some variations from front plank and bird. So, if you missed that post the very first post on front like a bird I suggest you review it first that way we can move on to a few postures I wanted to show you before we get going first posture is a reminder coming to locust pose is where we take free bird for it here so my gaze is for my chest lifted my legs been lifted okay I variation for this I’m gonna bend one leg reach back for the ankle I kick the foot into my head. And then extend my arm forward coming into bow pose I reach both hands back grab a hold of the ankle I kick my feet up and away and I lift my chest my gaze is still for know when I’m ready to release nice and gracefully okay another posture I want to show you is plank pose and that will resemble our front Clank or up in the air okay I want you to go through this drill where we draw the knee to the elbow. And then opposite side this is a great core workout there you have it. So we have two of those poses that will translate into our app or yoga flow I’m gonna need some assistant from think you already know her Amanda I come on in so mounting inches front plank for one day I want you to practice first is just transferring a balance. But wait for the flier and I’ll take my leg off to the side. So In order to indicate which hip to transfer into I’ll press into Amanda’s hand.

Beginner Acro Yoga Bow and Front Plank Variations Photo Gallery

So I want to press her to left well presence of and she shifts for and I take my leg off to the side now it may not look like much. But Amanda is using a lot of core strength and engaging a lot of leg muscles to hold everything together hill opposite side she transfers weight into her right hip and I take my right leg out okay do that a few times once you get comfortable then we’ll take it a little step further for the next variation I once again squeeze the hand that I want her to shift our weight into take my leg back. And then we draw our knee to our elbow she touches you go back touches go back. And then I come back off okay even it up try on the other side then we come into our free bird position she lives her chest once again legs are engaged and she’s looking forward hate to start off she’s gonna reach back with one hand grab on to her ankle. And then extend the other arm forward now, if you can’t go straight into this position recommend you going through front play. So I’ll give her some assistance through front pike and she’ll just reach one hand back and grab ahold of the angle then when she finds balance she can extend that line for good coming back a little bit trickier is bow pose once again the key central shape here is locust pose when your chest lifted gaze forward for the flier. And I’m giving her enough toes here.

So this is where our toe cue comes into play she reaches my hand back. And the other hand back she feels like she’s falling forward you’ll save more toes sometimes that come out of a very desperate time. But you really want to slide your feet upwards to provide that shift or that lift in the chest okay to come out we want to do the best gracefully as we got in she’s going to be slowly coming to the front plank that we should doesn’t propel forward and drop it to me once we’re done I bend my knees I love her down and she helps me up with a new trick and there you have it some variations for front plank and bird once again, if you’ve missed any posts our last post was plank on plank first post was free bird.

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