Beginner Acro Yoga Back Bird and Variations

Welcome to another post of AcroYoga super Dave today’s pose is back bird will also try variations in back bow back plank and bow pose I know it seems like a lot of poses. But they kind of lend to one another transition is fairly easy okay for today’s flyer we have Sandra okay to start the contours with my feet will be placed onto her body usually around the bum region she’ll grab a hold of my ankles for more stability. And then she begins to lean back as she bends her elbows I grab your elbows keep my knees bent.

Beginner Acro Yoga Back Bird and Variations Photo Gallery

And then I’ll strain on my legs I can walk my hands onto your shoulders she’ll stagger me for backward and I can adjust my feet to get a little higher. So I can feel balance keep my hands here for free back / can release the hands off to the sides okay transitioning into bow pose so she’ll grab ahold of angles once again all of these variations can be done with hands on shoulders that she’ll come in dancers pose though she’ll thread one arm through my leg grab onto the same ankle. And then lift the leg up. And then release okay coming into backpack will grab hands first I keep your arms close together I lift your chest.

And then she comes into a straight line to move into bow pose you lift your chest lift your leg some people get better in these first two their chest. And then we get to extend their legs straight to come up we’re coming to bat Piper game so should begin to lean back transition into backward she’ll snag one knee and to this now she grabs on to my ankles my hands come on to her elbows I bend my knees I lower feet to the ground thank you. So that concludes today’s post of acro yoga a super day tune in tomorrow for our next a curry of a post.

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