Beginner Acro Yoga 5 Yoga Poses for Belly Basing

Okay welcome to another post of aqua yoga super day today we are gonna focus on a different type of basing its called badly basing and I’ll be showing you five yoga poses that you can do with Valley bracing for my fliers today I have Sandra and Alice over here obviously they’re gonna alternate. So we can have some spotting as well so that’ll be same obviously I’m on my belly you have informs in the ground want to have your head to the floor okay. So the first pose we’re going to do is called locust pose or bird.

Beginner Acro Yoga 5 Yoga Poses for Belly Basing Photo Gallery

And it’s a you know typically focusing on my toes or lbc I’ll focus on getting feels here so she can lift your chest coming down next but, if that street is Bobo’s and once again focus on the heels of the feet to give that press upwards. So that the flier can elevate their chest good awesome okay moving into bow pose won’t pose a little tricky here out of that they focus on giving more toes in that way Alice has something to rest on and down next go scorpion pose wires going to use my shoulder this way to the lift up she’s nestling her chops right into the arch of my cane it’s awesome coming down last follows we’re gonna tripod on TV two variations first variation is with head kinda we’re mid-back minutes hands on the shoulders. And then listening okay you need to walk your feet onto the shoulders you do that as well second variation we come on two feet this time.

I hands are gonna be somewhere around them up then they should using their feet step on my shoulders okay. So once you’ve got that you also put out a second fly around as well make sure you have the requisite squatting. Because this can go weird very fast and there you have it thank you for tuning in this post of a career with Super Dave we’ll see you next time our next sequence are both chow.

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