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Begin yoga and, in the process, coherent and illuminating. A second consequence is that we now have a much more clear and detailed description of the nature of detachment as understood by Patanjali than was previously the case. In the traditional view, although practice and detachment are presented as a kind of dual foundation for the achievement of the state of liberation (kaivalya), only practice, the cultivation of concentration, is described in any depth. If, on the other hand, one accepts the interpretation argued above, 1.17 and 1.18 provide additional information on the two types of detachment. Begin yoga 2016.

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The next time you order your favorite drink, make a commitment to not having that drink in your hand the whole time. Take a sip, and listen to people. We get nervous at parties and social get-togethers because we are certain that we have to be the dynamic ones. We will be far more memorable if we truly listen and pause and enjoy the conversation as much as the drink.

Every time you have a sip, notice what the sip is in relation to. Do you just want to taste it, or is it something psychological such as mirroring other people around you or hitting an awkward lull in a conversation? Try to drink when it isn’t a mask or an excuse to feel a little less.

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