Before And After Workouts

Every sporty girl needs a layer to throw on before and after workouts, while warming up, cooling down and exercising outside. Emma Lewis tries her pick.


£55; Designed in collaboration with Stella McCartney, this top is meant to be oversized and baggy, and has some nice design touches such as the big, round zippulls. It’s super soft and made from French Terry Climalite® fabric that wicks away moisture, but there’s no stretch in it. The hood can zip off to leave an American college-style collar, but I preferred the hood-on look. For me, it was just too baggy and a little heavy for doing serious sport in though (I wish I’d tried a size smaller as size 8 to 10 was unflattering on my small frame). I found it best to sling on pre- and post-exercise or for lounging.’

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£70; This is an eye catching, stylish top. It looks like denim, but it’s super-comfy, really stretchy and very lightweight. The Elasticated hood can shield your head from chilly wind and stays on well, while the thumb holes in the cuffs of the long sleeves help keep your hands warm. There’s also a handy zip pocket on the front of this slimline design that would fit a door keyor phone. This is perfect for running – andan active urban lifestyle – suiting slighterfigures best. You won’t want to take it off and you’re bound to get lots of admiring comments!’

Before And After Workouts


£65; bjorn Perfect for tennis, other sports and general outdoor activity, plus getting to and from gym glasses, this black zipped top is really stretchy with plenty of room in the arms so it doesn’t restrict movement. The material’s fairly thick and its high neck helps keep the wind out, so it keeps you cosy. The pockets are useful for keeping tennis balls in (or hands warm!) and the thick band stays put well around your waist. This top reminds me of tracksuit tops in years gone by (a modern take on the originals that the tennis legend himself would have worn!) and its practicality could help it quickly become an active person’s wardrobe essential. Headband optional.’

Before And After Workouts


£100; This feels amazingly soft, thanks to its silk modal mix, and the beautifully laid-back style is bound to become a wardrobe staple for yogis (and those who do Pilates or other less high-energy gym classes), for in and way beyond the studio. The super-light, slouchy top folds up so small, it’ll fit into any gym bag, ready to throw on when you need it. The cuffed Batwing sleeves and waistband help it keep its lovely shape while on. It’s available in plain or with the word “Om” on the front and also comes in a dark blue colour. In short, it’s worth the investment as you’ll get a lot of wear out of it.’

Before And After Workouts


£65; This is a versatile top that’s great for outdoor exercise. It’s really lightweight but warm and the sweat-wicking fabric is made up of 65 per cent Dri-FIT wool and 35 percent polyester so it doesn’t leave you chilled once you stop, like other materials can. You could layer this under a thicker top on really cold days too (it’s thin and isn’t windproof), or take it off mid-run and tie it round your waist without it weighing you down. It has quite a relaxed fit, a good longish length, and the roomy batwing sleeves make this comfy to wear while being active, and stylish when you’re not.

Before And After Workouts

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