Beauty Tips For Weight Loss Professional Prejudice Ignoring the Evidence

In light of the numerous studies on both LPL and behavior modification, which clearly point to biology and not psychology, it is interesting to find the tremendous amount of prejudice against the overweight among some obesity researchers. I am disinclined to name the researchers I will quote here because their positions are so offensive, unfounded, and even embarrassing. The standard approach these researchers take is a very low calorie diet (VLCD), with very rapid weight loss.

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In an offering of maintenance strategies, one scientist implied that overweight people use exercise to “buy calories for fun.” Many dieters actually do use this approach, but for fun? Tricks he mentions are; unscrewing the light bulb in the refrigerator, storing leftovers in opaque dishes, using a twopronged fork or a baby’s spoon, or substituting some other activity for eating when the urge strikes. The message is clear: avoid food, avoid eating and try to trick yourself into going hungry every chance you can. Even beyond these ideas, he says that patients should throw away their large-sized clothing as part of their psychological commitment to weight reduction. (I wonder what they should wear in the meantime.) He says overweight people must understand that a diet and weight loss will not solve their underlying problems. (Are they trying to solve their underlying problems? I thought they were trying to lose weight.) He believes eating is a coping mechanism, and so they must find new resources and insights to deal with their lives. They may require psychiatric assistance, he comments.

He continues to assert that behavior modification will make all the difference in long term maintenance of weight loss. This involves psychological support with teaching in methods to keep food intake limited, and weight loss maintained. He asserts that obesity is an incurable chronic disease. (I do not believe this.) And then he states flatly that without treatment, the patient will relapse.

The fact is, with this treatment the patient will relapse. Biology trumps therapy and behavior modification every time. Nothing trumps survival. I hope this researcher never develops a weight problem On the other hand, maybe I hope he does.

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