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Basic yoga on It is a method for finding out about the world based on the generation of hypotheses and the testing of predictions derived from those hypotheses. 43 Then, just as readers of these books are settling down to something like an understanding of what scientific enquiry is all about, Dunbar devotes two chapters to arguing that the methods of empirical science are in fact genuine univer-sals characteristic of all higher forms of life 44 and that science really is just plain simple learning of the kind with which we are all familiar.45 At the heart of this attempt to show that science is just plain simple learning is a two-stage terminological distinction. The first stage involves the introduction of a distinction between two forms of science that the American philosopher George Gale called cookbook science and explanatory science.46 The former is a set of rules that tell you what will happen, usually couched in the form If then But these are no more than rules of thumb: correlations based on generalising many years of experience of events in the natural world. The latter seeks to understand why the events that tended to go together should be correlated. Then, in the second stage, we have what Dunbar calls empirical science. Basic yoga 2016.

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