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Basic yoga workout on Guidance and support is available whenever required. Swami Vivekananda Ma has an immediate, local mentor in Swami Satchidananda Ma (formerly Patricia Wissett-Warner), who introduced her to the tradition, as well as direct access to Omkarananda s ashram, which she can visit at any time.59 We see, then, in the traditions of Krishnamacharya and Sivananda, some radical transformations in the way that yoga is understood and the role it can play in people s lives. Access has been widened, traditional barriers have been eroded (particularly as they relate to social status/caste, gender and country of origin). Yoga is for being in the world as well as taking one out of it. The monastic, renunciant life is still regarded as the ideal in the Sivananda tradition whilst Krishnamacharya s lineages continue to stress the value of householdership. Despite such differences, both these branches of the yoga tree can be seen to have initiated quite significant changes in the way that yoga is understood and practised. Basic yoga workout 2016.

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