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Basic yoga postures on At a certain stage in this practice, nirvicara samapatti, a vision of the self and its relation to nature is experienced. This experience gives rise to a sense of detachment towards all aspects of nature (the higher form) and facilitates the total absorption of the self in itself (nirbija samadhi). Such a total absorption is described in book 4 as the isolation or aloneness of the self (kaivalya).

If Patanjali did adopt the same reverse order of treatment in book 1 that he did in book 2 then we would expect the sutras following 1.16 to deal with detachment (vairagya) rather than practice (abhyasa). This, I suggest, is exactly what we find. Sutras 1. Basic yoga postures 2016.

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Now it is time to put on the song that always makes you dance. Then do just that. Dance. Dance with your whole body, including your belly. Dance until your cheeks are flushed and you feel uplifed and a little silly. (A little silly is always great for the soul.)

You may need to repeat as needed. Until the next mindful dance-off, go swagger in your sexy skin.

I was born in 1980. Some consider me a millennial, some consider me Generation X. All I know is that I remember far too well what life used to be like before I was so technologically distracted. What did I do before YouTube and Facebook and iPhones? How did I read books when they weren’t conveniently downloaded to my tablet?

I was focused, that’s what. Now with all of these technological bells and whistles (the sounds we used to hear prior to ping notifications), it is far too easy for a day to pass where our accomplishments become fewer and fewer, even though we may “learn” small and random facts that we forget soon aferward.

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