Basic yoga postures

Basic yoga postures on At a certain stage in this practice, nirvicara samapatti, a vision of the self and its relation to nature is experienced. This experience gives rise to a sense of detachment towards all aspects of nature (the higher form) and facilitates the total absorption of the self in itself (nirbija samadhi). Such a total absorption is described in book 4 as the isolation or aloneness of the self (kaivalya). If Patanjali did adopt the same reverse order of treatment in book 1 that he did in book 2 then we would expect the sutras following 1.16 to deal with detachment (vairagya) rather than practice (abhyasa). This, I suggest, is exactly what we find. Sutras 1. Basic yoga postures 2016.

Basic yoga postures Yoga Poses 8.

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