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Basic yoga poses Pics on These descriptions have one thing in common: the individual is a recipient of an orally delivered proclamation of the dhamma by either the Buddha or one of his ariya savakas. Interestingly, the state of mind that a recipient enters during such a proclamation is described in terms that are almost identical to those employed in descriptions of the fourth jhana: malleable, devoid of the hindrances, uplifted, devout,38 which was the state in which the Buddha acquired his own liberating insight. The message is clear: if you want right view, find someone who already has it (preferably an arahat) and request a teaching on dhamma. Whether such a person wears the robes of a monk or nun would seem to be far less important than whether he or she is an ariyan, i.e. a savaka who has gained right view. It is easy to understand why many Buddhists are not attracted to Masefield s analysis, because it tells them that unless they have experienced right view they cannot be following the noble eightfold path that leads to nibbana. Basic yoga poses Pics 2016.


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Basic yoga poses Pics

Basic yoga poses Pics

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