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Basic yoga poses morning for Leaves about six, green at flowering, suberect, strap-shaped, cm broad, twisted toward the apex, pale green. Flowers nodding, fleshy, yellow to orange with green tips, cm long, narrowly funnel-shaped with a relatively wide throat and slightly spreading, overlapping tepals, tube longer than the tepals, stamens inserted about half- Cyrtanthus leucanthus Colin Paterson-Jones Cyrtanthus loddigesianus Colin Paterson-Jones Cyrtanthus obliquus Cyrtanthus obliquus Dee Snijman way down the tube, curved slightly to one side, style and stamens slightly shorter than the perianth, stigma minutely trifid. Flowering August-February. Grassland and grassy fynbos, SE Knysna to KwaZulu -Natal.

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CyrtanthuS Ochroleucus Herbert Burchell ex Steudel Plants to cm high. Leaves dry at flowering, linear, mm wide. Basic yoga poses morning photos, Basic yoga poses morning 2016.

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